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Jan 17, 2013 5:00am PST
, wyoming, missouri, and tennessee have rushed to introduce legislation to preempt the president's proposal. sheriffs in oregon and kentucky are refusing to enforce any new gun laws but the power to defy federal law are limited and the rhetoric is simply political posturing. >> if you drink a popular juice to prevent health disease or treat prostate cancer, the federal trade commission says you could waste your time ruling that there were deceptive ads over a juice that said they could reduce colds and low down the growth of prostate tumors and a law judge ruled similarly last year and the company is asking an appeal courts to reverse the fining. >> is there time? we have talked about house cold and frosty it has been, and the warm-up in the afternoon comes so late...after you have suffered in the morning, you get to freeze in the afternoon. >> that is how it works. coldest in the morning and warpest in -- warmest in 9 afternoon. it habit early cold for our standards. radar across the state shows how dry it is again. dry across the entire western third as the storms are pushed well into can
Jan 26, 2013 5:00am PST
a website showing explicit pictures of them is doomed to fail. the website is with triple xs are. it is hosted by go and it's known as a revenge website where men post nude pictures of their xs. congress passed a allow years ago sag the only people liable for online content are the people who post it. a law professor believes the site will fail anyway on its own. >> we've seen a number of web seats that have tried to gather and disseminate distasteful content. those websites tend to flame out really quickly. the marketplace tends to drive them out of business after they make an initial splash. >>> professor goldman recommends not sharing nude pictures of yourself because you have no control over where they will end up. >>> another silicon valley shake-up, the chief operating officer of the mobile payment company "square" has resigned over allegations of sexual harassment. he denied the statement. >>> apple is moving from smartphones to smart shoes. according to the website "apple insider" apple has filed a patent for technology that would alert a person when their s
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2